Half MInute Hero Speed run Quest 6 South

Half MInute Hero Speed run Quest 6 South

Castle Over the Sea is the sixth level in the "Hero 30" mode of Half Minute Hero. It is encountered on the southern route after the "Fire Starter" route.
Level 6: Castle Over the Sea
Title 1: Sea King Defeat one of every monster before completing the level
Title 2: Getbacker Get pushed back by the tide a couple of times
Evil Lord Ladybeach
Companion None
Reward Bronze Axe from the Boy

Level Guide

Ignore the first village and earn 230G to purchase the Sailor's Suit and an Herb in the southernmost village. At first glance it would appear that the castle is unreachable but if you wait till around the 20 second mark the tides will recede and a bridge will open up. Make sure you are around level 10 before entering and defeating the boss. To earn the Sea King title you will have to defeat one of every monster, which will require a lot of battling. Just fight a lot on the top and bottom halves of the map and also in the top-left. The Getback title is easy to obtain, wait until the bridge opens and cross it, then wait for the tides to recede and get pushed back. Repeat a few more times to obtain the title. The target time of 30 seconds can be obtained easily with the method used in this strategy

Speed Run: To finish the level with the wonderful hero rank you must finish the level in the first 30 seconds. To do this you must dash across the west bridge to the castle when there is 10 seconds left. In the meantime battle near the second village, purchase the sailor suit and before you set off for the bridge buy two herbs. You should be able to do this at level 6.