Caves and Forests is the 3rd level in "Hero 30" in Half Minute Hero.


Bug Lover: Complete the stage without using the Fly Swatter

Cave Lover: Go through the cave before beating the level

Items in level

  • Bug Swatter
  • Horse
  • Herb
  • Upon completion: Club

Monsters in level

Evil lord in level


Level guide

Standard Run: This stage is incredibly simple if you decide to do a normal run. Dash to the village in the west, buy an Herb and heal up. Head to the Lumberjack's hut in the southwest and recieve the Bug Swatter from him. Now just dash to the castle (flee from all battles as the Bug Swatter does no damage to all non-bug enemies) and kill Anaphylac in a single hit.

"Bug Lover" Run: Title chasers will want to return after their first playthrough to recieve the Bug Lover title. This title requires beating the level without the Bug Swatter. You can also pick up the Cave Lover title on this same run. Level up to level 7 and purchase all equipment and the Horse before heading to the cave. Dash through the battle and then dash to Anaphylac's castle and kill it.

'Speed Run': A target time of 30 seconds may seem imposing, but this level is very easy to speedrun. Grind for money to buy the Horse, dash to the hut and get the Bug Swatter, then dash to the castle and kill Anaphylac. This will easily get you under 20 seconds.