Continental Bridge is the second quest in "Hero 30" in Half-Minute Hero.


Finish the stage in under a total of 30 seconds.
Kelp Lover
Defeat five or more Seaweed monsters.

Items in level

Items in level include

Monsters in level

Evil Lord in Level

Level Guide

Standard Run: Head north to the village and listen to the Time Goddess' explanation of Goddess Statues. Head north to the cave and defeat the bats to obtain the Hammer. Head back to the village and talk to the carpenter (he has an ! over his head) and he will fix the bridge with the Hammer you gave him.

Cross the bridge and enter the village to the south. Purchase an Herb, Hide Shield and Bronze Sword. Reset your time if you need to, and fight to level 6 outside. When you reach level 6, head to BadBat's castle and dash into him to defeat him.

Speed Run: The target time for this level is 45 seconds. However, to receive the Barely title you must complete the level in under 30 seconds, which will consequently get you the target time. Start by walking north to the cave, do not dash, you will need the EXP. Defeat the bats (again, do not dash) and dash back to the village. Talk to the carpenter and dash across the bridge. Enter the village and buy an Herb and all the weaponry, and heal up if you have enough money left over. Dash to the castle and dash until BadBat dies. Heal with the Herb if necessary.

Level Video Guide

Half Minute Hero Speed run quest 2

Half Minute Hero Speed run quest 2