Evil Lord 30 is the second game mode in Half-Minute Hero.

The Evil Lord you play as in Evil lord 30

"Goddess Era 200... A beautiful evil lord tries to lift the curse on his lover and destroy all evil! Continue summoning monsters for 30 seconds! The beautiful battle against humans in a Real Time Strategy Game!"

This game mode plays a lot like rock, paper, scissors with the Evil Lord having three different type of monsters he can summon: Brutes, Nimbles and Shooters. All are more effective against another type:

  • Shooters beat Brutes,
  • Brutes beat Nimbles,
  • Nimbles beat Shooters.

It has been reduced to one level in Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax and plays differently. There is also a demo on the PSN store. The original Evil Lord 30 is restored in Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy while the graphics are in Retro Mode.


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