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Xbox Live Arcade version cover art.

Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax is a port of Half-Minute Hero to the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade downloadable games service. The game retains all the modes of the original Half-Minute Hero and adds several new modes and options.

This version includes an online multiplayer where heroes race each other to attain the most points and beat the level in the fastest time. It also includes in-game leaderboards for each level comparing a range of stats either with friends or globally.


  • This version adds 7 extra levels for Hero 30, including Lordhadears at the start and the Time Beasts campaign providing an optional alternative conclusion to the mode.
  • The PSP level Another Goddess has been removed from Hero 30.
  • The Neo modes only provide one level each for Evil Lord 30, Princess 30, and Knight 30, which results in 20 fewer levels than their PSP version counterparts.
  • This game does not include the Goddess Room or unlockable music tracks.

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