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Hero 30 is a mode in Half-Minute Hero ,Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Edition ,and Half-Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax Edition Ultimate Boy .In Hero 30 you play as the Hero, whos gameplay consists of RPG-like gameplay. He has to save the world from destruction since the Evil Lords have learned a spell which lets them destroy the world in 30 seconds. Luckily, if you pay the Time Goddess money she will let you go back in time. However every time you pay her it increases by 100 G.

"Godess Era 100... An epic battle has begun. With the evil lord's arrival, the world will be destroyed! What awaits the new young hero on the dangerous road ahead?! Save the world in 30 Sec!"


Hero 30
1. Hero's Departure
2. Continental Bridge
3 (PSP)./4(PC, XBLA). Caves and Forests
3 (PC and XBLA). Lord Hadears
4. Fire Starter
North Route South Route
5. Through the Forest 5. Through the Cave
6. Courage Mountain 6. Castle Over the Sea
7. Infinite Desert 7. Good Ol' Days
8. Village in Danger 8. Change the Current
9. Beautiful Evil Lord
10. Bandit Valley
11. Road to Land or Sea
Land Route Sea Route
12. Hero in the Dusk 12. Past the Ocean
13. Cleric and the Devil Island Route Ocean Route
Cleric Route Devil Route 13. Dragon Island 13. Battle Ocean
14. Mummy Desert 14. Lord's Counterattack 14. Tiny Sailing Trip 14. Lizardman Nation
15. Spinning Castle 15. Twin Valley 15. Flower in the Dusk 15. Treasure Island
16. Bust the Wall 16. Ancient Riches 16. To the Snowy Country
17. Grail and Evil Lord 17. Avalanche Pass
18. White Earth
19. Great Plains
20. Floodgate Panic
Floodgate Route Beach Route
21. Giant Evil Lord 21. The Have-nots
22. Fire Mountain
Northern Route Eastern Route
23. Turtle and Hermit 23. Golem Valley
24. Swamp and Witch 24. Treasure Land
25. Isolated Castle 25 (PSP Only). Another Goddess
Main Ending Route Alt. End Route (360&PC)
26. Grand Wings 26. The Return of Hol
27. Farewell Bandit Trio 27. Time Destroyer
28. Infinite Weapon Lord 28. No Turning Back
29. Cursed Hero 29. The False Hero
30. Last Battle 30. When Time Stood Still
31. The Final Time Beast
32. The Hero of All Time

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