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Millenia's more or less true form

Millenia is the lover of the Beautiful Evil Lord which was transformed into a bat by Noire.

She appears in the Hero 30, Evil Lord 30 , in Knight 30 and in Hero 300 modes.

Role in Hero 30

She first appears in quest 9: [Beautiful Evil Lord]] after being kidnapped by Noire as a means to trick the Beautiful Evil Lord into destroying the world. The Hero manages to locate her as rescue her from Noire. However, before he escapes he curses Millenia so that she takes the shape of a bat, making him the sworn enemy of the Beautiful Evil Lord. In her knew form she pleads that the Hero bring her to her lover so that she can stop him from casting the Spell of Destruction. The Beautiful Evil Lord immediately recognizes her, even in her new form and states he will love her no matter what, which bring her much joy. The Beautiful Evil Lord also vows to force Noire to return her humanity.