Half Minute Hero Speed run Quest 5 south

Half Minute Hero Speed run Quest 5 south

Through the Cave is the fifth level of the "Hero 30" mode of Half Minute Hero. You will play it if you take the southern route during the "Fire Starter" level by letting the forest burn down.
Level 5: Through the Cave
Title 1: Caretaker Talk to the old man on the west coast after obtaining the Rubber Boots
Title 2: Gourmand Eat both the Eel Stew and the Loach Stew
Evil Lord Joded
Companion None
Reward Stone Spear from Gramps

Level Guide

Standard Run: Go south into the village and buy an Herb and head west and enter the house. Talk to the old man within and exit. To get the Gourmand title you must eat two different stews. Loach Stew is served when there is less than 15 seconds on the clock and Eel Stew is served when there is 16-30 seconds on the clock. Fight until you can eat both and earn the title. Fight until you are around level 10, wait until there is 15 seconds on the clock and enter the cave to get the Rubber Boots. Head back to the old man with the boots and get the Caretaker title. Head to the village in the south and buy the Straw Hat. Heal up and head to the castle and dash to defeat the Lord.

Speed Run: The speed run strategy is actually much easier than the regular strategy but will get you neither of the titles. Ignore the first village and grind to 200G. When the time ticks down to a little under 20 seconds, enter the cave. This will drop you at a secret island where you can buy an Ancient Meal for 200G. This only lasts 15 seconds so rush to the castle and easily defeat the boss.